Soul Man

by Spud Dog

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released 25 September 2013



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Spud Dog North Dakota

where there's a leak, there's a flood. if you are weak you'll leak blood

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Track Name: Hair
cant you see nobodys listening
Track Name: Mule Driver
i wanna be a mule driver i wanna be dead too
i wanna see my sally and drain all the beers in the valley
sucked into heaven
or soaking in a ditch
gonna find a place to rest
going to sleep for the hundredth time this week
going to sleep cuz its best for me
paralyzed by the brink of thinkin?
no way no how
Track Name: Youre Great
sweat the bed senseless
vacationed in the heat
cant wait to get out of my body
always break n bend no matter what yout do
Track Name: Family
sometime to be inconsistent
hang your fire here in lieu of tension
i got strain in my brain
and its subject to those stubborn stains
the room elephant will splinter the lintel
on his way to ol' big top blue
evolution at its best
just a thorn in the side of a man
talk shit and get the back of the hand
dead silence at the cusp of command
how can you live like this?
strive for no significant end
instead just let the others bend
grab your bottle in just pretense
that it's something you just cant change

Track Name: Yuckmark
drudgery soul man:
no hope and no mind and no time and no mind
push wind through my ass,
for being
so bored and brained
so bored and brained
pull the light from my eyes
born to be blind
gimme the beans, set me free
when you think it means shit
its shit that you do
no one gives a fuck if you built yourself a moose
no hope no mind no time no mind
Track Name: Halfday
gotta keep this cold head
gotta stay in a cold bed
laughing at the piss on my pants
isnt life such a fuckin problem
when the mid is dry
and your dogs a solvent
mornings rule
boring rules
coughing rules
its a constant comin down
my half days they feel like full weeks